StorWatts provides businesses and communities with the clean energy to grow.

StorWatts will drive the global distributed energy revolution by defining an entirely new class of products to address the $50 billion distributed electricity markets that touch 3 billion people worldwide. 

StorWatts’ turn-key distributed energy storage solution transforms distributed electricity storage from an expensive, logistical, and environmental burden into a growth accelerator for emerging markets. StorWatts ensures 24x7 power for vital communications, commercial, healthcare, education, and agriculture applications, while eliminating hazardous materials. 

More than 3 billion people live in areas where the electrical grid is unreliable or unavailable. In these markets, rising energy demand is driving investment in a new class of energy solutions. The challenge has been to bring to market energy solutions that are affordable, reliable, and appropriate for these markets. Inappropriate and unreliable systems either can’t be financed or effectively used, which translate into an inability to cost-effectively scale these systems. 

StorWatts unlocks the full potential of the $50 billion distributed energy market by permitting kilowatt energy storage virtually anywhere.

Inexpensive, robust and clean distributed energy storage.